Summer with the Sanford Mainers: Q & A with Justin Siewierski

Where are you interning?

I will be interning this summer for the collegiate summer baseball team, the Sanford Mainers, in Sanford, Maine. The internship starts in the end of May and goes to mid-August.

How did you learn about the internship?

I used to do a lot of volunteer work when I was in high school, and one of the clubs I was in worked with other high schools in New England with different projects. Long story short, one of the people I had worked with is on the board of directors for the Sanford Mainers and had seen some of my broadcasting work online and told me to apply.

What is a day in the life of the Director of Broadcast and Media for a baseball team like?

I’ll be at every game the Mainers have, so I’ll travel to all of the road games on the team bus. During the game, I’ll be doing play-by-play commentary for the team’s live stream for home games, and for the team’s radio station on the road. Afterwards, it’s my responsibility to recap the game and post it to the team’s website, so I’m essentially a beat writer as well as a commentator.

Any special skills or experience you think helped you land the internship?

Working with Plymouth State Broadcasting definitely helped because our social media page is constantly sharing content that we make for the sports teams at PSU. I’ve had experience doing pregame interviews, studio interviews, live commentary, and live post-game analysis, all of which are on social media for anyone to see. I’ve also learned the basic concepts of the software we use for our broadcasts, which will help me grasp any other software concepts with other companies. When I sent in my resume, they also asked for a writing sample of a baseball recap. Obviously, two and a half years with The Clock gave me the journalistic experience I needed for that!

Any tips for prospective interns?

Get involved on campus! Don’t wait around. If you see something that sounds cool, see how you can get involved. When Plymouth State Broadcasting first started, it was just myself and a Plymouth State alumni who had finished his schooling here in 2011 and loved sports. Now, we have over 12 student workers and even brand new equipment! Apply to everything you can. Any internship that sounds interesting is worth applying for because you never know what can happen. I’ve applied for ESPN internships every semester since freshman year, just for them to see that my resume is being built. When it comes to interviews, be yourself! Be honest about what skills you do or don’t have, the point of an internship is to practice what you already know and learn new skills.

Several Plymouth State  English majors have gained valuable internship credits over the years from places as wide ranging as the non-profit organization, Better World Books Foundation, in Atlanta, GA to NH Public Television, NH Public Radio, the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Moody Street Pictures, and the Boston Bruins!

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