PSU Student Works: Geneva’s “Koalaty” Student Teaching Blog

Plymouth State student Geneva Sambor has started a blog documenting her student teaching experience.

from Koalaty Teacher

Sambor’s blog, titled Koalaty Teacher, chronicles her day-to-day triumphs and obstacles as she enters the professional teaching realm.

So far, her blog covers topics such as her student teaching hopes and fears, her relationship with her mentor teacher, and even reflects on past classroom experiences.

Sambor also uses the blog to provide resources to other student teachers. In one post, she links to her custom made, digital journals that can be used to keep track of daily notes and assignments. The journals are available for others to download and use.

Sambor’s “digital bullet journal”

Sambor is a senior student finishing up the last semester of her English Education bachelor’s degree. She is completing her student teaching with 7th grade students at Plymouth Elementary School.

Originally, Sambor said that her goal in using the blog was to reflect constructively on her classroom experiences. That changed, however, when Sambor began looking for other blogs that showcase student teachers.

Now, she wishes to use the blog as a resource for others.

“I tried to look up student teaching blogs and I couldn’t find a lot. There are tons of teachings out there, but I wanted to post more specific topics about the internship process,” said Sambor.

Sambor’s blog is a fantastic asset for other student teachers, particularly those coming from Plymouth State University. Sambor has spent her entire college career solely at PSU, so other PSU education majors reading the blog can see the effectiveness of their education by peeking into Sambor’s experiences.

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